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 Welcome to our headquarters. The Knights of Wine Society is a brotherhood of people sharing the same passion - The Art of Sabrage. We have the tools and knowledge to help perfect the way in which you open a Champagne bottle. Be the heart of every party you will ever go to and help promote our common goal - demonstrate, teach and initiate the most number of people in to The Art of Sabrage. 

Do you love Champagne? Do you want to be part of Champagne aristocracy? 

Read our Constitution, sign up and become a Knight of The Order today. 

All members will benefit of 10% discount on all the products in our store as well as access to free or discounted luxury events throughout the year.

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Sabres a Champagne

Sabre Kellerman Claude Dozorme

Claude Dozorme "Kellerman" $550.00 

To add some ceremony and fun to a festive occasion you can sabre your Champagne with the dashing style of Napoleon's impetuous cavalry. This is an original and prestigious gift that is certain to please and one that will lend an extra note of elegance to all your important social occasions.

Reims, France - 2013